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Marq Muziq was born Mark D. McCombs Jr of Dayton, Ohio August 14, 1985. Marq was involved in music since he was 4. while laying in the hospital after undergoing surgery for the 3rd degree burns he suffered in July 1987. Marq has always developed an interest in music since the day one of his nurses handed him a toy piano and showed him how to play “chopsticks”. he grew up in and out of the foster system from the age of 4-17. at the age of 31, Marq grew up to become an elite, talented, gifted and anointed Recording Artist who professes the name of Jesus through his music. Having the ability to develop on his own, how to songwrite, produce and mix his own music, Marq became a triple threat to today’s hip hop. Marq Muziq is a part of an elite group called GFLS which stands for God’s Frontline Souljahs which consists of 4 members (K.A., Ezi, Iceberg517 and himself).

“You Rockin’ With The Frontline Movement” is the famous and catchy slogan Marq and GFLS uses when they introduce themselves. Marq wants to use his music to inspire people. His goal is to use his music to help others worldwide get through their daily lives by using his own life experiences and the word of God to reach those who can relate to what he has been through. Not only does his music talk about how great and wonderful God is, but it also expresses how much he has been through since he was born. Marq wants his music to reach the world as well as be an inspiration to those who are lost, broken, and misunderstood. From being in the streets, to drug dealing and gang related activities God has brought Marq out of the street life to become an ambassador for Jesus Christ. His passion is to help the youth stay off the streets. he hopes his music will become a tool to change the lives of many bringing them to Christ Jesus. Marq Muziq is worth listening to. his music will inspire you and touch your hearts. he will amaze you with his energy and stage performance. His passion and love for God shows in his heartfelt spirit lead music. there is no denying that you can feel God in his work.

Marq Muziq’s album “Covered in the Blood” was released February 4, 2014 and is found on Spotify, iTunes, eMusic, Google Play, and other media websites. Marq is now working on his new upcoming album titled “Chion Noemi” which will include his hit single “Not Alone” which of course was 100% created by Marq himself from scratch. “Chion Noemi” does not have a release date at this time but I’m sure it will be worth waiting for. “Chion Noemi” will be the album where Marq becomes more transparent and real about his life and his love for God. Marq hopes that this album will help people understand who he really is and where he came from. He also hopes that it will help his fans and listeners get through their daily struggle. Marq Muziq hopes to advance the kingdom of God through his music and refuses to let the enemy stop him from doing just that.

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