M A R Q   M U Z I Q

     Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, Marq Muziq is a triple-threat in the hip-hop realm. He’s an artist, producer, and songwriter. Marq’s upcoming EP is titled “Chion Noemi: Heartbreak & Broken Pieces”. Marq’s mission is to lead his listeners to the kingdom of God through a “re-Marq-able” audio experience.

     Marq started his music ministry to become an ambassador for Jesus Christ with a passion to reach out to the youth and to help them stay off of the streets. He hopes that his music will be a positive influence on his audience, bringing people closer to Christ and changing lives for the better. Marq is an owner and Vice President of Veritas Rebellium Music (VR Music).


     Marq has performed with many other talented artists, including Bryann Trejo, K-Drama, and even opened up for the well-known Canadian rock band Three Days Grace. Marq Muziq is a member of an elite group of rappers, God’s Frontline Souljahs (GFLS), consisting of three other Christian artists who go by the names of K.A., Ezi, and Iceberg517.



Marq Muziq Gives Fans a Taste of Highly Anticipated EP by Releasing Two New Singles


     CHH artist Marq Muzic is back at it again with new, exciting music. After the successful release of his 2018 album “Chion Noemi: Road 2 Redemption” and 2019 single “Shut Em Down,” Marq has spent hours in the studio recording two new singles off of his highly anticipated EP “Chion Noemi: Heartbreak and Broken Pieces” set to release later this year. His first single “Stand Up Man Up” dropped on October 18th and the next is set to release within the next few weeks. You can keep up with Marq’s newest music on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

     Marq Muziq was born Mark D. McCombs Jr in Dayton, Ohio, on August 14th, 1985. He learned how to produce and mix his own music as well as how to write his own meaningful lyrics. Marq wrote his first song when he was 13 and was inspired by his mother who was a poet. She taught him how to write poems and how to express himself through meaningful words.Marq has had the opportunity to perform with many other talented artists, including Bryann Trejo, K-Drama and even opened up for the well-known Canadian rock band Three Days Grace. Marq Muziq is a member of an elite group called God’s Frontline Souljahs (GFLS), which consists of 4 members (K.A., Ezi, Iceberg517 and himself).

     Marq is an up-and-coming CHH rapper with a unique sound that gives an emotional adrenaline rush. At Marq’s shows, you will find yourself, amongst many others, singing along to Marq’s catchy and heartfelt tracks. Marq Muziq’s live performances are filled with breath-taking visual effects and loud instrumentals that will keep you moving throughout the whole concert. He loves to get the crowd pumped up and bring everyone together. Marq connects himself with his fans and creates a special atmosphere at his shows that is indescribable… you just have to see for yourself. 

     You won’t want to miss Marq Muziq’s newest hits on his upcoming EP “Chion Noemi: Heartbreak and Broken Pieces”. Marq will hype you up and bring down the truth in every song he writes and produces. Be on the lookout for news of his upcoming tour.

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